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Living Planet Tip of the Week: Eat less meat
Change how you eat by eating meat half as often as you do right now. It'll have a big impact on the environment and on climate change.

Living Planet Community tip of the week: Purchase second-hand items
In honour of Canada Water Week, this week’s Living Planet Tip will help you reduce your personal water footprint.

Living Planet Community tip of the week: Use green power
Residents of many houses, apartments, or condos can sign up for green energy in less than 10 minutes, for less than $2 per day.

Living Planet Community tip of the week: Ride your bike
Cars pollute. By walking or taking your bike you won't produce any greenhouse gas emissions during your travels. Plus, you'll save money and get a great workout.

Sustainability at work
As I surveyed the crowd of award winners and attendees at the recent Green Living inaugural Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards, it struck me that this was a well-known group of companies (HP among them).