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See Canada’s oceans as they’ve never been seen before
WWF-Canada launches a powerful new data-visualization tool to demonstrate what’s really going on in our oceans. It’s free online and can be easily customized.

Settling into my new role in Inuvik
The Mackenzie River crossing is open - that is, it is frozen hard. I know because today I could find lemongrass, fresh basil and wonderful pears at Arctic Foods. The price of which you do not want to know. Trucks are on the Dempster Highway again.

Cultivating growth in Canada’s ocean economy: Smart planning would lead to jobs and safeguards for the environment
It’s a fairly unconventional headline for an environmental group like WWF to write. Promoting growth is usually left up to industry or government. In this case WWF has gotten onto this particular bandwagon because we’ve found that the core principles, of what planners are calling Marine Spatial Planning, lead to ecosystem-friendly co-ordination of human activities at sea and smart, sustainable use of resources.

Gwaii Haanas: From standoff to marine management
I made the move to Haida Gwaii, a small island chain off the coast of northern British Columbia, nearly six years ago. Growing up along the shores of Lake Huron in central Ontario, I thought I knew about living near water.

Winds of change
The need for wind and tidal power on the east coast is forcing us to get smart about how we manage and plan our oceans spaces.